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For the next generation of big businesses

We got here like everyone else. Through hard work, discipline, focus, collaborations, a few mistakes, hard lessons, long hours and dedication to helping our customers.

We are looking to give clients value for money.  In the web industry, there are a lot of inflated costs and we’re looking to buck the trend.  All of the agencies have financial markups of 200% or more.

We’re different.

Talk to us about your project.  Whether it is a new website, a redesign of an old website, help getting you more clients, higher rankings in Google, sell products online.

Whatever it is, we can help.

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Making it all make sense

Websites can be technical and complicated.

They require a lot of work, time, energy and effort. And that’s just to start.

But if you are at home, in the office or on the road, trying to grow your business and concentrate on actually working, how can you?

The cheap websites? You have to do it all yourself and there are often costs. Design Agencies can be really expensive. You often have huge fee’s to pay up front, that are often in the 1000’s.

We want to help you

We manage and take care of your website and online business. Whether you’re starting out with nothing, or you already have an online business, we can help you either way.

How Matoc Media Was Created.

Inspire the Next

2 friends met at Basingstoke College Of Technology.

The internet was just in its infancy.

Intelligence Everywhere

After 3 years at college together, they both went their different ways. However, professionally, they both worked within tech, design, marketing, customer service industries.

Ideas for life

Seeing a gap in the market, between the cheap ‘quick-start’ website companies and the high-end design agencies, they discussed collaborating.

Leap Ahead

After working for design agencies separately, a marketing department together and having both ran their own separate companies, they decided to work together as business partners after 25 years of friendship.

Matoc Media was born.


3 Reasons To Go With Matoc Media over other companies

We save you money

We do not have huge overheads to pay for. No fancy offices.  Just the staff, working from home. Those savings we make, get pass down to you

better quality

Yes. There are cheaper options like Weebly, Wix and SquareSpace. The problem with those companies is you’re left on your own to figure it out.

help you grow

We found that people want more than the free/low cost option (they recognise low quality), but they cannot afford the huge marketing agencies.

We Stand Out

There are tonnes of agencies out there. We're NOT like them

Out goals are basically to blow every other web company out of the water.

Want to work with us?

Get in touch and we’ll walk you through the rest.

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